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Academy of Ecosystem Services

The Academy of Ecosystem Services acts as a platform to provide solutions to issues related to ecosystem services and to stimulate the exchange between science and practice.

Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law (UCALL)

The Utrecht Centre for Accountability and Liability Law (UCALL) conducts multidisciplinary research on the boundaries of accountability and liability in the Netherlands, in Europe, and beyond.

Ancient History and Classical Civilization

The research in the field of ancient culture focuses on social processes related to e.g. citizenship, social inclusion, and religion.

Animal Ecology

Research in this research group involves two research lines, concerning animal group living, with a special focus on primates, and animal welfare.

Applied Veterinary Research

The overall aim of the AVM program is to maintain the broad spectrum of veterinary specializations at FVM at a high level, by supporting research training of residents, as well as providing research time for the maintenance of the board certification of the permanent staff.

Art History

The art historians at Utrecht University study the art and architecture of the Netherlands, from the 14th century up until the present day.

Artificial Intelligence

This research group focuses on the design and analysis of intelligent, knowledge-based systems that aim at supporting human decision makers to improve the quality of their decisions.

Atmospheric Dynamics and the Hydrological Cycle

This research group investigates the structure of the atmospheric boundary layer and the dynamics of the free atmosphere.

Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry

This research group operates a large atmospheric chemistry laboratory, to investigate in detail the production and removal processes of atmospheric constituents.

Behaviour and Welfare

The overall aim of the Behaviour and Welfare program is to extend our knowledge about the neural mechanisms underlying emotional statuses and cognitive processes in animals, and how these functions contribute to the ability of animals to adapt to and cope with environmental conditions, changes and challenges.

Behaviour in Social Context

In this Research Priority we investigate how the social context and the individual influence each other.

Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research

The Bijvoet Center studies life on the molecular scale, with a focus on elucidating the structure of the biomolecules, such as proteins, at the atomic level and on determining the relation between their structure and function in living cells and tissues.

Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics

The activities of this research group are divided in Mass Spectrometry based proteomics and Mass spectrometry based structural biology.


Our mission is to perform high-level research in clinical and experimental neuroscience, whilst delivering an exceptional standard of care.


The UMC Utrecht Cancer Center aims to develop and apply innovative approaches in diagnostics, treatment and care on focused tumour types.

Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Biophysics

The aim of this research group is to acquire novel insights into the structure and function of cells and to decipher the cellular basis for human disease such as cancer and neurological disorders.

Cellular Protein Chemistry

The major research goals of this research group are to characterise the mechanisms of chaperone-substrate interactions, the protein folding process of mammalian cells and proteins in peroxisomes.

Centre for the Humanities

The Centre for the Humanities (CfH) connects pioneering research to the greater socio-political relevance of the humanities.

Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

This research group focuses on the design, chemo- or biosynthesis of compounds with biological or (potential) medicinal applications and interaction with their receptors.

Child and Adolescent Studies

In this Research Priority we investigate the interaction between individual characteristics of children and young adults and their socio-cultural context.