Our focus: translation in a dynamic multilingual world

Translation has always played a crucial role in the encounters between languages and cultures. In our dynamic, globalised, multilingual world, translation is all around us, and takes increasingly multidimensional shapes and functions. You might encounter translation in novels, poems, and popular non-fiction books, and in medical, legal, technical and marketing communication. Translation is an important (and often invisible) force in news production, a lens that “filters” our understanding of important events. Translation subtitles and dubbing are a part of our everyday life, as is translation on the Internet.

The crucial, multidimensional role of translation in society is the focus of translation studies at Utrecht University, which is the centre for translation education and research in the Netherlands. Through our master programmes, our research, and our collaborations, we promote, investigate and shape the crucial role and position of translation and translators in the Netherlands and beyond.