Research at Utrecht University

Utrecht University is the number 1 university in the Netherlands according to the Shanghai ranking

Utrecht University is an internationally prominent, research-led university that carries out fundamental and applied research across a wide range of academic fields, from infectious diseases to human rights and from climate research to cultural history.


The strength of the research carried out at Utrecht University lies in the way different disciplines are combined and the integrated approach to academic and social issues. With its chosen research themes of Sustainability, Life Sciences, Institutions and Dynamics of Youth, the university contributes to solving issues such as climate change, infectious diseases, the aging population, social cohesion and security.


Everyone involved in academic teaching and research at Utrecht University bears a personal responsibility for maintaining academic integrity. The university is committed to academic integrity and endeavours to make ethically responsible choices in its research, which includes a sound policy on animal testing.

Student neemt deel in visueel experiment


Top-quality research requires outstanding researchers, which is why Utrecht University supports its academic staff in their ambitions. An academic leadership course is provided for new full and associate professors. Talented researchers at Utrecht University are given plenty of space to develop new research lines.