Research in the group of Microbiology focuses on understanding the mechanisms involved in secretion of proteins and the role of secreted proteins in bacterial membrane biogenesis and fungal growth and development. Microbiology is divided in the fungal and the bacterial group.


Bakken waarin paddensteoelen groeien (foto: Ivar Pel)
12 April 2018
Researchers from Delft, Utrecht and Wageningen have discovered that the genes from the parental DNAs are expressed at different times in mushroom development.
Margot Koster
6 March 2018
Margot Koster, lecturer in Microbiology and programme director for the Biology Bachelor’s programme, has won the 2018 Lecturer Award.
De Koreaanse kunstenaar Jiwon Woo en hoogleraar Microbiologie Han Wösten
18 January 2018
Professor of Microbiology Han Wösten and Korean artist Jiwon Woo have won one of the three ZonMw Bio Art & Design (BAD) Awards for 2017