Understanding and predicting biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a changing world. The Ecology & Biodiversity Group investigates the mechanisms that regulate biodiversity and allow for the maintenance of ecosystem functioning in our changing world. We seek to obtain process-based, mechanistic understanding of community assembly, species interactions and functional responses in order to predict the future impacts of climate and land-use changes on biodiversity and ecosystem functions such as carbon sequestration, water safety and disease suppression. We pay special attention to the movement of organisms and above- and belowground species interactions, from the 'micro' to the landscape scale.


Europese wolf in Polen
20 May 2019
As wolves re-establish themselves in the Netherlands, researchers put forward recommendations for protecting wolves and preventing them from attacking livestock
6 February 2019
This Monday, 4 February, a new paper about the responding of plant traits on environment changes is released at Nature.com.
12 August 2018
Utrecht University Biologists awarded by the International Society for Microbial Ecology




Departement biologie
28 June 2019 14:00 - 17:30
Yearly Symposium and BBQ of the Department of Biology. The theme of 2019: ‘Biodiversity, conservation and restoration’.