Overview of our publications

We have a special interest in the role of higher education in politics of knowledge production, confirming and challenging canonical feminist knowledge. We explore new forms of early career training  for PhD projects (Euterpe), via platforms (Institution for Open Society) and communities  (Critical Pathways) we explore gender in knowledge production and we reflect / strengthen the ways in which the university offers generations of activists, artists and policy makers the chance to connect with and thus have an impact on cutting edge scholarly projects in feminist theory.

As a research group we furthermore look into the ways in which the different traditions of critical feminist thinking – issues concerning ontology and epistemology, ethics and aesthetics, transnational feminist methodologies, and intersectional gender theory – relate to developments in contemporary cultural theory and the humanities at large. Aware of the societal impact of Gender Studies, we explore ways in which critical feminist epistemologies can be translated into practices of activism, advocacy, and policy making.

Major research focus