Beyond self-evidence and exclusion

Why, where and for whom is particular knowledge important? These are the questions that are key to every post-colonial and feminist research project that the Gender Studies research group carries out. Based on a feminist and post-colonial perspective, our researchers seek to identify, understand, and rectify socio-cultural processes of inclusion and exclusion.

By breaking open the relationship between self-evidence, truth, and power, the Gender Studies researchers create new perspectives on art, culture, knowledge, and society. They study issues relating to social justice, equality, and difference at a number of levels, from the empirical social to the symbolic, cultural and science-critical. By problematising universalistic claims, they produce new knowledge about these issues.

Areas of expertise: diversity | ethnicity | emancipation | integration | masculinity | queer | trans | postsecular | posthuman | cultural critique | literature | film | new media | photography | performance arts

By displacing the perspective from the centre to the margins, research in this field has uncovered largely ignored patterns and themes that play a role in the lives and work of women and/or people with non-Western backgrounds, artists, and practitioners of cultural studies. Gender research also contributes to the exact sciences, and some insights in the medical sciences have even proved to have life-saving consequences.


12 November 2019
Last month, SAGE published "The Sage Handbook of Media and Migration", edited by Dr Koen Leurs and other researchers.
17 October 2019
At the end of November, Routledge publishes "Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights" by Prof. Rosemarie Buikema, Prof. Antoine Buyse and Prof. Antonius Robben.
7 October 2019
Research shows that Syrian refugee women experience the bureaucratic system of the Dutch immigration services (IND) significantly different than men.


Dr. Chelsea Schields
13 November 2019 17:30 - 19:00
In the global age of decolonization, activists in the Dutch Antillean diaspora waged the struggle for independence in the bedroom.
14 November 2019 12:00 - 13:30
The Gender and Diversity Hub holds a monthly lunch conversations around issues of gender equality and diversity.
Film Cold War
25 November 2019 17:00 - 19:00
Set against the background of the Cold War in the 1950s, the film depicts an impossible love story inimpossible times.