We do fundamental research on heterogeneous catalysts and related nanomaterials to establish the relation between structure and function on multiple length scales, ranging from the atomic level (nm) to the level of individual catalyst particles (┬Ám) and reactors (m). We aim to understand and improve the synthesis of solid catalysts and sorbent materials and characterize them in detail during and after synthesis. We are especially interested in the development of in-situ spectro-microscopic and tomographic multi-technique approaches to study porous materials with sub-nanometre to micrometre resolution ex-situ, but also while they work under realistic conditions (i.e., operando mode).

Our research is connected to major societal and environmental developments. We pursue the development of improved catalytic routes to arrive at a more sustainable supply of transportation fuels, base and fine chemicals and functional materials (e.g., coatings), but also study the development of sustainable routes for chemical recycling, biomass conversion, and solar fuels, as well as the study of the impact of certain chemicals, such as micro- and nanoplastics, on the environment.

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