Dynamics of Youth

How can our children develop into well-balanced individuals?

Dynamics of Youth invests in our future. Inspired by societal issues, researchers from different disciplines integrate their expertise to answer crucial questions for future generations. How does the interplay between biology and environment determine how children learn to function in society?


Onderzoeksproject Beat-it bekijkt of het gedrag van jongeren aan de hand van een computergame kan worden veranderd
4 January 2017
Can video games help youngsters to gain more self control? With their research project Beat-it, Margot Peeters and her team try to find out.
Chantal Kemner
4 January 2017
NWO has finalised the composition of their new domain boards. Professor Chantal Kemner will be a member of the Social Sciences and Humanities Board (SSH).
Jongetje met een boek
21 December 2016
A research project into delayed language development in children has received a grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.


15 March 2017 09:00 - 17:00
A symposium focusing on the strengths and power of youth. How can we strengthen young people’s assets, competencies, and skills?

Dynamics of Youth