Molecular Plant Physiology

We investigate sugar-, light- and high temperature-mediated signal transduction mechanisms and how this controls growth, in plants. In addition, we study carbon metabolism. Sugars activate signaling systems that lead to altered gene expression and a variety of plant responses that include resource allocation and growth. Similarly light and high temperatures have profound effects on plant gene expression, architecture and floral transition. These processes are investigated using molecular, genetical and physiological methods in the model system Arabidopsis and crops. In addition, we study the potential of the aquatic fern Azolla for the bio-based economy (movie).



2 November 2018
We are seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral Researcher to investigate molecular mechanisms regulating abiotic stress recovery in Arabidopsis thaliana.
21 June 2018
Utrecht biologists deciphered the system that plants use to recover from a flooding. When the water is gone, plants still experience severe stress.
24 May 2018
With the new research facility NPEC, plant scientists from Utrecht and Wageningen will be able to study the growth of plants better than ever before.