String Theory, Cosmology and Elementary Particles

The main areas of research in this theme are quantum gravity, string theory, black holes, gravitational waves and cosmology. We carry out a research program that aims to describe natural processes from the smallest to the largest scales of the Universe. The overarching goal is to find a complete, fundamental, physical theory that bridges these scales. Our focus includes the study of classical and quantum aspects of black holes, the construction of effective theories, and novel uses of the holographic correspondence.  We also construct new consistent cosmologies and advance our understanding of the origin of matter the composition and origin of dark matter and dark energy. In addition, we develop new analytical, computational and data analysis tools that can lead us to reveal elements of the theory in existing and upcoming experiments. We are involved in cosmological experiments such as KiDS, LSST and ESA’s Euclid, and in gravitational wave modelling for existing and upcoming observatories (e.g. LIGO, LISA).