Education is the key to sustainable social and economic development. Learning is important in every stage of a person's life, for social and personal development. Learning is something we do almost every day: at home, at school, through the internet, at work. With this research programme we want to gain insight into these learning processes and how they can be improved, tailored to the differences between learners.

Learning is something we do nearly every day: at home, at school, through the internet, at work.

Research questions

Our research provides answers to questions such as the following:

  • How do young children develop learning skills and self-regulation?
  • Is multilingualism a good thing?
  • How can we improve literacy and numeracy teaching at school and tailor these more effectively to individual children? 
  • What are effective and motivational forms of feedback?
  • What kind of teacher-pupil relationship ensures a classroom climate that promotes learning?
  • How can we stimulate the development of interest and motivation in education?
  • How can teachers' social networks contribute to their professional development?
  • How can schools make better use of the large amount of data that they keep on their pupils and education?
  • How can we prepare children to function in 21st-century society?