At the Debye Institute for Nanomaterial(s) Science, chemistry and physics meet to study the properties of materials at the nanoscale. We specifically focus on three themes: Catalysis, Colloid Science and Nanophotonics.
The institute is named in honour of a true pioneer of the physical chemistry / chemical physics field: Dutch scientist and Nobel laureate Peter Debye (1884-1966).


Dianne Ickenroth Phone: +31 30 253 1122
E-mail: d.p.m.ickenroth@uu.nl

Linda Kumeling Phone: +31 30 253 4743
E-mail: science.dins@uu.nl

Marion Wijburg Phone:  +31 30 253 2952
Email: m.n.wijburg@uu.nl


28 February 2017
Weckhuysen will receive the 2018 Robert B. Anderson Award for his great contributions to the development of advanced microscopy and spectroscopy methods.
Photonic crystal chip
24 February 2017
A new way to compensate variations in nanophotonic circuits may lead to energy savings in datacenters and computer equipment.
Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) image of colloidal (Zn,Cd)Te/CdSe heteronanowires grown in solution in Donega Lab
20 February 2017
Celso de Mello Donega receives NWO TOP subsidy