We always think beyond our own research question.
Berend Snel

Utrecht University houses bioinformatics expertise at a world-class level. Our aim is to strengthen data driven science, with a focus on a broad variety in biological research within Utrecht Life Sciences.

The Utrecht Bioinformatics Center does connect researchers and facilitates sharing of knowledge in order to stimulate novel bioinformatics approaches and cutting-edge integrative bioinformatics in a wide variety of life sciences.

Our community brings together about 160 people and expertise of several scientific fields in Utrecht University: Biology, Chemistry, Information Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science and Veterinary Medicine.


Robin Ohm
31 July 2019
Robin Ohm received a VIDI grant in 2019 to find out how mushrooms defend themselves against pathogens.
De micro-organismen in de wortels hebben een positief effect op de plant (illustratie door Jan Karen Campbel)
17 July 2019
Utrecht researches plant-microbe interaction in roots


25 November 2019 09:30 - 17:00
On 25 November 2019, the 5th Science for Life conference will take place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.