Plant Ecophysiology

The Plant Ecophysiology Group studies the complex interactions between plants and their environment. We focus on physiological and molecular mechanisms that enable plants to cope with flooding stress and/or dense, competitive environments. These stress conditions induce changes in plant growth and metabolism, helping plants to adapt to high water levels or to outcompete neighbors in dense vegetations.


Prof. Rens Voesenek
P: +31 30 253 6849


26 June 2017
Plant biologists from Utrecht University have deciphered the shade reaction between the 'eye' and and reaction of a plant step-by-step.
Sjon Hartman FD talentenspecial
24 January 2017
Sjon Hartman is a PhD candidate in the Plant Ecophysiology group (Biology)
13 December 2016
Joint UU-WUR effort for a National Plant Eco-Phenotyping Centre




Johanna Westerdijk (zittend links) in gezelschap van vier mannen aan een tafeltje in café Eik en Linde te Amsterdam. (c) Schuitvlot, Nico - Collectie IAV - Atria, kennisinstituut voor emancipatie en vrouwengeschiedenis.
30 June 2017 14:00 - 19:45
A symposium, with BBQ, on Johanna Westerdijk, plant pathology and phytopathogenic fungi