"Art History at Utrecht, by maintaining its focus on the Low Countries, will come to occupy an increasingly rare and valuable position directly relevant to the society as it cultivates knowledge of one of the world’s greatest cultural traditions." - Review Report 2012

The Art History group carries out research into the art and architecture of the Netherlands, from the Middle Ages up until the present day. This research is subdivided in iconology, architecture and visual arts.

Important subjects include the origins of architectural planning in the Late Middle Ages, the reconstruction of Antiquity in Early Modern Europe, origins and development of painting in the Low Countries from the Middle Ages to ca. 1700, and the artistic exchange with other parts of Europe.

The research executed by art historians at Utrecht University is largely lodged with the national Onderzoekschool Kunstgeschiedenis (Dutch Postgraduate School for Art History). Utrecht University is commissioner of this research school.


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8 May 2017
The national research school in Classical Studies, OIKOS, receives 18.8 million Euros from NWO.
3 February 2017
During Webinar Week there will be four webinars on Master's programmes in the Humanities at Utrecht University
17 January 2017
In this book, Wim Denslagen explores how travellers described the cityscapes of London, Paris and New York, three world capitals admired for their beauty.
Areas of expertise: cultural transmission | artistic exchange | cultural heritage | art theory | valorisation | Renaissance | Italy | avant-garde | globalisation | exhibitions | audiences | artists | self-portraits