Art history in Utrecht covers the whole of western art history and transcultural relations between European countries and other regions of the world.

Art History in Utrecht focuses on art and architecture from the Middle Ages to the present. We pay  particular attention to our own geography and at transcultural relations and exchanges with other places in Europe and the world. We research art histories and question existing knowledge practices related to the study of art and architecture. This includes amongst others the study of artworks, architecture, interiors and cities, materials and techniques, exchanges and ideas. Our art historical and historiographical research is complemented by laboratory research and digital methodologies and it is inspired by interdisciplinary, cross-border research and performative methods.


detail van schilderij Jacob van Campen

The research project Histories of Global Netherlandish (1550 – 1750) Art explores the global dimensions of early modern Netherlandish art, with Antwerp and Amsterdam as hubs of global exchange. 


Histories of Global Netherlandish Art, 1550-1750