Institute for Gravitational and Subatomic Physics

At the Institute for Gravitational and Subatomic Physics (GRASP) we try to gain understanding of the basic constituents of matter, their interactions and the fundamental properties of space and time. Therefore, we conduct experimental research in which we perform measurements of heavy-ion collisions and gravitational waves. Nationally we are part of Nikhef and are involved in large international collaborations like ALICE and VIRGO


Phone: +31 30 253 1492

Princetonplein 1
3584 CC Utrecht


Research focus



    Flying into an LHC experiment: watch this exclusive aerial video sequence filmed flying a drone over the ALICE experimental site and all the way down the cavern shaft 60m underground. Credit: © 2021 CERN.

  • Virgo

    An animation that describes how Virgo detects gravitational waves with interferometers. The LIGO detectors work with the same principle. Credit: Marco Kraan (Nikhef).

  • Einstein Telescope

    We are members of a collaboration to prepare for Einstein Telescope (ET), a proposed 200-300 meter underground triangular infrastructure to host a third-generation, gravitational-wave observatory. Credit: Marco Kraan (Nikhef).