• Future Food Utrecht

    Future Food Utrecht is one of  four hubs under the Utrecht University strategic theme Pathways to Sustainability.

    Future Food offers a platform for scientists and external stakeholders on which they contribute to the transition of the food chain for a sustainable world, by means of unique transdisciplinary research and education. The search is for catalysts of change; small interventions with big effects. Our ambition is to strive for diets that are both good for the planet as for all its inhabitants. Our research focuses on four complementary themes.


'Planetary Health: How we make our food system resilient, one seed at a time.'

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  • News

    • The new normal is local

      Future Food Utrecht and AMPED/Local2Local will work together on the transition to local food and a regional food system, heritage and landscape, biodiversity and climate adaptation.
    • Healthy Food Environment Features Widely on Dutch Political Agenda

      In the past few weeks, the importance of a healthy food environment has been widely discussed in Dutch parliamentary circles. On 21 March there was a roundtable discussion on lifestyle prevention. Sanne Djojosoeparto, PhD-researcher at Utrecht University (Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning) was one of the co-authors of a position paper that was presented by the lead author Maartje Poelman (Wageningen University & Research).
    • Prepare the immune system for a new pandemic

      It is important to invest in the resilience of society so that the Netherlands is ready for the next pandemic.
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  • Events

    • 4 May -
      5 Jun

      Future Food MOOC | 4 May - 5 June 2022

      Future Food Utrecht organizes online MOOC | 4 May - 5 June 2022
    • 9 Jun

      Fair Food Dialogue

      Fair Transitions: Towards Safe, Inclusive and Climate-Resilient Landscapes
      Date: Thursday, 9 June 2022, 13:00-17:00 (with drinks)
      Venue: Buys Ballot building 083
    • 7 Jul

      Pathways Café

      The Pathways Café will provide an easy way to get to know, inform and inspire each other.
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