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Utrecht Research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences

In our modern society, the digital and physical worlds are tightly intertwined. They interact with each other even in the smallest aspects of our daily lives. This results in many conveniences, but it’s also a constant source of new – and often fundamental – challenges in the field of information and computing sciences.

In our constantly changing (digital) society, the Utrecht research Institute for Information and Computing Sciences researches both novel and feasible ways to push the frontiers in science and applications. This makes us scientifically and socially relevant.


Scientific director Institute for Information and Computing Sciences:


Dong Nguyen
5 November 2019
In her Veni project, Nguyen investigates how computers can learn the social aspects of language use with neural networks.
Dong Nguyen and Niko Wanders
5 November 2019
Hydrologist Niko Wanders and information scientist Dong Nguyen have been awarded the Early Career Award of the KNAW
4 November 2019
Dutch police will start using traffic enforcement cameras that automatically recognise drivers using mobile phones, based on technology from Utrecht University.
18 June 2019
The new delay model will make it possible to calculate at any moment in time the likelihood of a severe disruption occurring.
Vlag Universiteit Utrecht
27 May 2019
De Universiteit Utrecht heeft vier zogeheten focusgebieden aangewezen waarin in totaal €1,6 miljoen wordt geïnvesteerd.




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