We study how geodynamic processes of the Earth’s mantle couple to tectonic evolution of the crust and to the deformation of the Earth’s surface.

3-D numerical modelling and geological field studies

Our research combines interpretation of mantle structure and tectonic plate reconstruction with 3-D numerical modelling of crust-mantle processes, with global and regional applications. Our numerical modelling entails process-oriented modelling and methodology development as well as research into fundamental aspects of the thermodynamics, mineral physics and evolution of planetary mantles. Tectonic reconstruction based on geological field studies has become a necessary and integral part of our coupled crust-mantle dynamics research.

Science-base for georecources and -hazards

Ultimately, by coupling larger-scale mantle processes to local-regional crustal processes, we aspire to contribute to building up a science-base for new process-oriented research into tectonic evolution, present-day surface deformation, geo-resources, and solid-Earth disasters.