Research Statement

Research in the Van ’t Hoff Laboratory focusses on the interplay between colloidal synthesis and the physical description of soft matter. We prepare colloidal particles of different shapes, sizes, materials and interactions. Characterization by various experimental techniques and development of theoretical models helps us to understand their physical chemistry.


Unilever prijs uitreiking 2018
10 January 2019
Charlie worked on micro-crawlers that operate in a similar way as thermodynamic heat engines.
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17 December 2018
ECHO grants offer researchers the opportunity to develop creative, risky ideas that can be the seed for research themes of the future.
2 October 2018
The medal was rewarded as a recognition of his distinguished career in colloid science.




Vlag Universiteit Utrecht
4 February 2019 14:30 - 15:30
PhD defence Fuqiang Chang