Research Statement

Research in the Van ’t Hoff Laboratory focusses on the interplay between colloidal synthesis and the physical description of soft matter. We prepare colloidal particles of different shapes, sizes, materials and interactions. Characterization by various experimental techniques and development of theoretical models helps us to understand their physical chemistry.


Electrochemische dubbellaag debye instituut 2
20 October 2017
Researchers have developed a new method to shed light on the so-called electrochemical double layer.
‘Superballs’ organise themselves into interesting structures
10 February 2017
Publication in Nature Communications
Remco Tuinier benoemd tot bijzonder hoogleraar Colloid-Polymer Mixtures
4 October 2016
Inaugural lecture of Professor Remco Tuinier


Vlag Universiteit Utrecht
27 November 2017 16:15 - 17:15
PhD defence of Nina Chatsisvili