To make a sustainable future possible we need a better understanding of our system Earth. At Utrecht University we bring together sustainability research ranging from single molecules to complete planets in a focus on water, energy and a healthy environment. By bundling our expertise we develop integral solutions for sustainability issues, providing knowledge to contribute to a better future for our next generations.

Sustainability is one of the  four strategic themes of Utrecht University.
For more information about sustainability and operations, check Sustainable UU

Compilation International Conference 
on Sustainability 2015


12 April 2017 16:15 - 17:30
Professor Chris Backes (law departement) will be holding his inaugural lecture at the 12th of April 2017.
10 July 2017 - 14 July 2017
Future Deltas participates in the WCRP Conference on Regional Sea-Level Change and Coastal Impacts.


28 March 2017
Seed money aims at stimulating new food-related collaboration within UU and UMCU researcher and to support joint food-related proposals in external calls.
27 March 2017
Maarten Krol, connected with the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research Utrecht (IMAU), has received an ERC Advanced Grant of 2.5 million euros
Green Office Utrecht, climate plagues, overstroming
21 March 2017
This Tuesday employees of UU were surprised in the Administration building by the unique action #ClimatePlagues organised by the Green Office
Trucks on Dutch highway