We contribute to a sustainable future by means of transdisciplinary research

Pathways to Sustainability

Sustainability research at Utrecht University is exceptionally strong and covers many different fields. Having the unique combination of top-notch fundamental natural science research, modelling, and scholarship in innovation, transition, governance and finance, Utrecht University, as a broad research university, is at the forefront of innovation in sustainability research.

The focus is on identifying and understanding transformative pathways in four hubs:

Our focus is on identifying and understanding transformative pathways

Pathways to Sustainability is one of the strategic themes of Utrecht University. Excellent researchers from the humanities, social and natural sciences work together with external partners to develop a more sustainable society.


26 June 2019 12:30 - 14:00
Professor Goodman will discuss issues related to a.o. Dietary transition; Animal welfare; Industrial livestock production; Food politics; Virtual reality.
Degrowth. Credit: iStock/com/feellife
28 June 2019 13:00 - 19:00
The 1st Utrecht Degrowth Symposium aims to consolidate the emerging degrowth platform in the Netherlands with international experts from various disciplines.
4 July 2019 09:00 - 5 July 2019 18:00
The 2019 Conference looks at land governance through the lens of transformations: How to support transformations that work for people and nature?


Cooling the planet
25 June 2019
The lacklustre political response to the climate crisis is fuelling the call for resolute technological interventions, observes Jeroen Oomen.
Ontbossing in beheerde bossen in Washington (VS). Foto via iStock/halbergman
17 June 2019
Planting trees in arid areas can sometimes worsen the environmental circumstances, environmental researchers from Utrecht University confirm.
Sanne Akerboom at the Makkelijk Praten podcast
14 June 2019
Scientists from Utrecht University talk about their research (and funny science facts) in the 'Makkelijk Praten' podcast.