How can we come to a non-linear break away from current unsustainable practice?

Pathways to Sustainability

Sustainability research at Utrecht University is exceptionally strong and covers many different fields. Having the unique combination of top-notch fundamental natural science research, modelling, and scholarship in innovation, transition, governance and finance, Utrecht University, as a broad research university, is at the forefront of innovation in sustainability research.

Pathways to Sustainability advances innovative research via selected scientific ‘hubs’. At this moment, the conception of new approaches for Pathways to Sustainability is in full progress. Several multidisciplinary teams have been formed to follow up on ideas for transdisciplinary approaches addressing the Sustainability themes. The focus will be on identifying and understanding transformative pathways in four thematic areas:

  • Deep Decarbonisation of the Energy System
  • Future Food
  • City of the Future
  • Water, Climate and Future Deltas

Pathways to Sustainability is one of the strategic themes of Utrecht University and  a cooperation between scholars from the humanities, social, geo and natural sciences.


2 October 2017 16:00 - 18:00
You are cordially invited to a sustainable energizer on October 2nd.
16 October 2017 13:30 - 17:00
This seminar addresses climate change from a gender perspective.
2 November 2017 09:00 - 17:00
The Dutch Delta Congress 2017 is taking place on 2 November in the WTC EXPO in Leeuwarden.


Pathways to Sustainability
19 September 2017
Robinson is a leading academic who engages in problem-driven interdisciplinarity in which research participants work in tandem with partners in the community.
18 September 2017
According to scientists at Utrecht University, hydropower could provide enough electricity to supply almost half of the world.
Boeken - publicaties
15 September 2017
Rens Voesenek en Corné Pieterse among the 1 % most cited scientists of the past ten years.