We contribute to a sustainable future by means of transdisciplinary research

Pathways to Sustainability

Sustainability research at Utrecht University is exceptionally strong and covers many different fields. Having the unique combination of top-notch fundamental natural science research, modelling, and scholarship in innovation, transition, governance and finance, Utrecht University, as a broad research university, is at the forefront of innovation in sustainability research.

The focus is on identifying and understanding transformative pathways in four hubs:

Our focus is on identifying and understanding transformative pathways

Pathways to Sustainability is one of the strategic themes of Utrecht University. Excellent researchers from the humanities, social and natural sciences work together with external partners to develop a more sustainable society.


karim manjra / unsplash.com
12 November 2019 20:00 - 21:30
As Arctic sea ice rapidly melts, tensions rise over the area’s vast resources. Political geographer Dr Duncan Depledge on a looming clash between East & West.
20 November 2019 16:15 - 18:00
Tjeerd Joris Bouma is voornemens op zijn ambt te aanvaarden met het houden van een oratie getiteld: To drown or not to drown! Maakt natuur (het) verschil?
Sao Paulo
21 November 2019 09:00 - 22 November 2019 16:00
This symposium focuses on exploring the case of Operação Urbana Consorciada Bairros do Tamanduateí in São Paulo, Brazil.


11 November 2019
How does culture interact with the way societies understand, live with and act in relation to climate change? A new book co-edited by Giuseppe Feola.
Dr. ir. Niko Wanders
5 November 2019
Wanders receives the award for his pioneering research into hydrological extremes and his prominent role in science communication.
Zandzakken tegen overstroming van een straat in Praag
5 November 2019
An interdisciplinary group of scholars from Utrecht University contributed to a special issue of Water International on Flood Resilience of Private Properties.