Utrecht University School of Governance studies public issues and public organisations in their interaction with the developments in politics and society. This may concern public organizations such as government institutions, but also private organizations with public duties such as hospitals, housing corporations and service companies. Our main focus is how these organizations deal with current social issues and give shape to their public responsibility.

Our research programme combines approaches from public administration, political and social science, management and organization science. We value theoretical and methodological pluriformity and our research focus benefits from the insights that various disciplines, theoretical perspectives, and methodologies can offer.

Public Matters

Our research programme Public Matters is divided into two major research lines: Public Governance and Management and Managing Social Issues. Each of these is divided into three corethemes in research:

Public Governance and Management

  • Accountable Governance
  • Managing Professionalism
  • Collaboration, Innovation and Leadership

Managing Social Issues

  • Sustainable Employability, Strategic HRM & Public Service Performance (SSP)
  • Sport Policy & Sport Management (Sport Matters)
  • Organizational Change, Leadership & Identity (OCLI)

International assessment

The USG’s academic research has an excellent reputation as well, both nationally and internationally. In 2014, the international assessment panel qualified the USG research as ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’.