Cellular Protein Chemistry

Maintaining the natural shape of proteins is essential for life. Failure to do so is origin of lethal, incurable diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis, Alzheimer, Parkinson, ALS, or cancer. Common to those diseases are fatal distortions in protein shape. Human life therefore depends on a defense system that maintains the shape of our proteins, the strongly regulated network of chaperones and folding enzymes. Why does this network fail in disease? Our work is dedicated to the origin of protein failure diseases and the regulation and mechanisms of our natural defense systems.

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6 March 2019
A private fund is granting protein chemist Stefan Rüdiger 250,000 euros for fundamental research on Huntington's disease.
11 April 2018
PhD candidates Deniz Ugurlar and Tania Morán Luengo have been selected as this years' Bijvoet Center PhD Students of the Year.
22 July 2016
Geert-Jan Boons, Ineke Braakman en Bert Weckhuysen have received funding for collaborations with private partners from the NWO Chemistry Innovation Fund.
Ineke Braakman
11 July 2016
Prof. Ineke Braakman, Professor of Cellular Protein Chemistry, will become chair of the NWO domain Exact and Natural Sciences (ENS) on January 1, 2017.
1 July 2016
Researchers from Utrecht and Amsterdam have jointly been awarded a Zon-Mw TOP grant of 675,000 euros.




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6 April 2020 08:30 - 7 April 2020 18:00
The Bijvoet Symposium 2019 of the Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research will take place on April 6-7, 2020.