The ideas that underly concrete, societal issues

The philosophers affiliated to Utrecht University carry out both fundamental and applied research. The work of the research group Philosophy includes classic contributions to the profound study of thinkers and issues from philosophical and academic canons. We also carry out philosophical analyses of contemporary issues in logic, academic philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, philosophical anthropology, and social and political philosophy. We deal with very concrete questions, but also ask what the deeper-lying theories are.

Our approach can broadly be described as ‘analytical’, and a sound theoretical and methodological grounding in logic, history, and ethical theory formation are essential to this. This means that our research is very broad-based, seeking as it does to collaborate with research projects taking place in other departments.

Areas of expertise: ethics | political philosophy | logic | Aristotle | Spinoza | Kant | institutions | philosophy of science | human rights | history of philosophy | German Idealism | philosophy of mathematics


Santa is tired
20 December 2018
Science historian Hieke Huistra talked about the history of December celebrations with Sinterklaas and Father Christmas in the leading role.
18 December 2018
Ingrid Robeyns argues neither for or against universal basic income, but she does aim for a debate based on grounded arguments.
Matthias Kramm
14 December 2018
Matthias Kramm has won the Denis Goulet Memorial Prize 2018 for his paper 'Capability and Habit'.


Daniel Halliday
18 February 2019 10:00 - 17:00
On 18 February 2019 the book symposium 'Daniel Halliday's The Inheritance of Wealth. Justice, Equality, and the Right to Bequeath' will take place.
21 February 2019 15:30 - 18:00
The 11th Descartes Huygens Lecture is about science, freedom, and the cold war: a political history of apolitical science
11 March 2019 15:15
On 11 March the Premodern History of Knowledge Colloquim will revolve around Religious Conversion and Scholarly Identity in the Confessional Age