Oceans and Climate

The ocean is a key component in the climate system, being a main driver of the transport of heat, mass and particulates such as plastics and plankton over the globe. The goal of the research performed at the Oceans and Climate group at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research of Utrecht University (UU/IMAU) is to improve our understanding of ocean transport and variability as well as variations and transitions in the climate system in past, present and future climates. For this effort we develop and employ a hierarchy of numerical models acting on different spatial and temporal scales. Research is organised in three themes: a. Non-linear ocean and climate dynamics, b. Paleo-climate dynamics and tipping points, and c. Lagrangian ocean analysis.

Part of the work is carried out through Earth System Modelling, where we aim to improve our understanding of the interactions between the different components of our climate. 

Read more on the activities of the Oceans and Climate group on the theme's website Oceans and Climate.