Data are everywhere and therefore it has a profound effect on our society. It is becoming more and more important to put these data effectively and safely to use. Data offer opportunities across a wide number of domains, such as health science, geo science, social and behavioural science and media.  

Within Utrecht University much research is done in the field of (applied) data science. The focus area Applied Data Science brings together researchers. Only by joining forces and working interdisciplinary we can accelerate the development of data science techniques. This includes introducing data science techniques in research areas where they are not yet applied.

The focus area is part of a larger Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) effort at Utrecht University. Data Science and AI play an increasingly important role across all the university’s faculties and strategic themes. An overview of the research, education, news, backgrounds, events, and collaborations in these dynamic fields at Utrecht University is presented on the university’s Data Science and AI website.

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    Our focus area has interdisciplinary Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) with the objective of sharing knowledge and facilitating collaboration.
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    Data Science and AI play a crucial role across all the faculties and strategic themes of Utrecht University.
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