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Our interdisciplinary research program studies psychosocial development from childhood to young adulthood and the many factors that explain individual differences in developmental trajectories. We investigate the interaction between the individual characteristics of children and young adults, the worlds of family, neighbourhood and school and the broader sociocultural context.


Child and Adolescent Studies provides a doctoral training for its PhD students within the Graduate School of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Utrecht University. In addition, Child and Adolescent Studies provides the research master's program Development and Socialization in Childhood and Adolescence, which prepares students for a PhD or other research position.

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Child and Adolescent Studies is closely involved in the university research themes Dynamics of Youth, Institutions for Open Societies, and in the NWO gravity program Consortium on Individual Development (CID).

Child and Adolescent Studies is involved in the interdisciplinary program Raising Future Generations. Raising Future Generations focuses on acquiring scientific knowledge about the development, socialization and education of children, young people and adults - including professionals in health care and education - in order to be able to tackle urgent societal problems.

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    • VNOP-CAS Research Days 2024

      The VNOP & CAS Research Days are two interesting and enjoyable days for researchers within the field of developmental psychology or pedagogics.