Childhood and adolescence are critical developmental periods. They have profound and long-lasting implications for social development, educational achievement, (mental) health, and wellbeing across the lifespan. Our interdisciplinary research program investigates the multiple factors that explain individual differences in developmental trajectories, from infancy to young adulthood. We examine the interaction between individual characteristics of children and young adults and their socio-cultural context. How do individual, social, or societal factors interact to promote resilience or increase risk? Answering this question will help us to improve clinical decision-making and tailor prevention and intervention strategies to the needs of individual children and adolescents.

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Development and resilience in refugee and migrant youth.

Canceled! CAS symposium: Development and resilience in refugee and migrant youth.

March 19th 2020 Utrecht University.

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Raising future generations

Raising future generations

The programme Raising Future Generations contributes to fundamental knowledge on the development, socialization and education of children, youth and adults - including professionals in care and education - in order to address urgent societal issues.

Raising Future Generations is an interdisciplinary programme in which researchers of the faculty themes Education and Learning and Child and Adolescent Studies (CAS) closely collaborate. The programme is embedded in the university’s research themes Dynamics of Youth and Institutions for Open Societies and participates in the NWO Gravitation programme Consortium of Individual Development (CID).

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