So We Think UU Can Blog

Online blog training for researchers

Would you like to share your research and perspective with the world? And are you considering to start writing blogs to do so? Then hopefully we can help you on your way with this training, especially designed for – and by – researchers from Utrecht University!

The online blog training is suitable for everyone who is aspiring to write about research and/or current affairs from an academic perspective, via a (personal) blog. Utrecht University researchers who already have experience with writing blogs will help you to get started. They will inform you about the benefits of blogging, your writing style, audiences, and all the other ingredients that are important when writing blogs as an academic.

Step by step – and in your own pace

In the training, seven key topics will be discussed, each illustrated by a researcher from Utrecht University. In short tutorials, accompanied by helpful additional information and tips and tricks, they educate you about the important ins and outs concerning (academic) blogging. Together, these seven topics teach you the basis that you need to get started.

If you are interested in learning more about blogging, you can watch and read the different parts of the training whenever it suits you. You can find the videos and information by clicking on the list of topics below.