The Department of Chemistry of Utrecht University, to which the Bijvoet Centre belongs, is reaching out to scientists and students in chemistry or molecular life sciences from Ukraine to offer support, e.g. by offering lab space or otherwise. Those interested are asked to contact the head of department, Bert Klein Gebbink ( The department is also willing to consider similar requests from researchers and students who have fled Russia or Belarus.

  • Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research

    The Bijvoet Centre studies life on the molecular scale. Our focus is on the biomolecules that make up all living organisms, including humans. We concentrate on elucidating the structure of these biomolecules, such as proteins, at the atomic level and on determining the relation between their structure and function in living cells and tissues. By working on healthy cells and those affected by disease, we aim to unravel the basic mechanisms of disease origin. To study the structure of biomolecules, we have a wide range of technologies at our disposal, including advanced biochemistry and biophysics, NMR, X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and mass spectrometry.

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    Bijvoet Centre for Biomolecular Research
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