More insight into psychological processes

The aim of our research is to gain more knowledge of psychological processes. We try to understand human cognition and emotion, and to describe and approach it at the fundamental, neurobiological and applied level. To achieve this, this Research Priority uses two approaches:

  • Fundamental processes surrounding emotion, cognition (memory, understanding, knowledge, problem-solving capability and information processing) and motivation.
    We also carry out fundamental research.
  • Applied psychology
    This covers psychological insights in a clinical context, for example relating to people who are being treated in an institution. In addition, we do applied psychological research outside the clinic. Think of behavior modification in relation to health and sustainability, or research on the way in which information must be provided to be handled effectively.
Understanding cognition and emotion

Research methods

We combine fundamental research with a clinical, patient-oriented approach. We use a wide range of methods in our research, including the following:

  • neuro-imaging
  • psychophysics
  • psychopharmacology
  • psychoneuroendocrinology
  • clinical and cognitive neuropsychology
  • eye movement registration
  • experience sampling
  • surveys
  • virtual reality