Policy for promotional activities

Would you like to organise a promotional activity on Utrecht University’s premises? Here you can read about the terms and conditions and how to get permission.

What are promotional activities?
Examples of promotional activities are handing out leaflets, promotional stands, signature campaigns, placing banners, and the sale of promotional items. This policy applies to all these activities.

Who can carry out promotional activities on the UU premises?
Promotional activities in and around the UU buildings are permitted for the groups below under the aforementioned conditions.

Under no circumstances are promotional activities for political parties and religious and philosophical institutions allowed. Even if you organise this from one of the groups mentioned below. The university maintains a neutral position with regard to political or religious institutions.

Internal parties (staff and students)

Acknowledged student organisations
Student organisations that are acknowledged by the UU may hold promotional activities for their own organisations. The Student and Academic Affairs’ Office is responsible for acknowledging student organisations.

Candidates and members of the University Council, Faculty Councils and employee consultative bodies
Candidates and members of the University Council, Faculty Councils and employee consultative bodies may hold promotional activities, provided that these are related to the elections for these participation councils.

Staff members
UU employees may hold a promotional activity when it focuses on a subject that is relevant to the organisational unit or to the UU as a whole. An example is the promotion and sale of tickets for a faculty party.

External parties

External parties are not permitted to conduct promotional activities in the buildings of the UU or on its premises. Below, you find some exceptions to this rule. These organisations may conduct promotional activities on the UU premises, provided they adhere to the UU rules.

Hogeschool Utrecht’s student associations
In some cases, Hogeschool Utrecht’s student associations may organise promotional activities if the promotion is specifically aimed at UU students.

Commercial partners of the UU
Commercial institutions that have a partnership with the UU may conduct promotional activities. The promotion must be aimed at an activity in which the UU has an interest (such as a fair or  exhibition where the UU is represented) or must be specifically aimed at students with an obvious interest for them.

Charity organisations
Charity organisations are allowed to hold promotional activities when UU students or staff start and implement these activities. For example, signature campaigns for Amnesty International.

Caterers from the UU
The caterers contracted by the UU may hold promotional activities for their own business operations.

How do you get permission?

For all promotional activities, you must first request permission from the Facility Manager of the relevant region. In addition, you should follow instructions on location, time, duration and other promotional specific instructions. You can request permission by completing the FSC Service Request Form. Don't you have a Solis-id? Then contact the FSC Service Desk via 030-253 95 95 or FSC.Meldpunt@uu.nl.

The Facility Manager will assess your  request and decide whether permission is given. In case of doubt, the Facility Manager will consult with the faculty’s representative. Requests relating to activities outdoors are assessed by the responsible Real Estate and Campus employee.

Handing out leaflets only in exceptional cases

The following applies to handing out leaflets: due to sustainability considerations, it is not permitted to hand out leaflets on the UU premises. Leaflets are strongly discouraged inside the UU buildings, but the Facility Manager can make an exception in specific situations. Leaflets may only be directly given to people, not laid down or scattered.


Different guidelines apply for putting up posters. This is only allowed on designated poster spots. These spots are indicated in the buildings. In many places you have to ask the receptionist’s permission for putting up a poster.