University Council student voting guide

From 8 to 10 May, there are elections for the representative councils. Students vote in the elections for their own faculty's council and for the university council. Read about the main standpoints of the two student parties in this voting guide. Who will you vote for?

The two students parties

Why VUUR (Verenigde Utrechtse Universitaire Raden)?

"Because the members of VUUR get things done that were once not on the agenda but that we now take for granted. Think a boat on canal pride, the career office, the green office, free menstrual products in at servicepoints or a degree lower in all our buildings."

Why the PvdUS (Partij voor de Utrechtse Student)?

"Vote for a PvdUS candidate if you think it is important for students to be able to fill in their study time themselves and to develop and grow in various areas, including outside their studies. We are committed to the active student."


Duurzaamheid in vogelvlucht

What do the parties think of sustainability?

Diversity and inclusion

What are the parties' views on diversity and inclusion?

Student wellfare

What do the parties consider important around student welfare?

Student life

What do the parties stand for when it comes to student life?


Studenten aan het werk

What do the parties stand for when it comes to education?


Faculty Club

How do the parties feel about internationalisation?