• Onderzoekers meten met meetpalen de luchtkwaliteit in de omgeving van veehouderijen

    Welcome to Veterinary Medicine!

    Animal, human and environmental health are inextricably linked. That's why we conduct leading-edge research, train veterinarians of the future, and provide clinical care at our university animal hospital.
    Who are we?
  • One Medicine in Motion

    With 'One Medicine in Motion', we want to enable even more innovative research and new treatment methods for musculoskeletal disorders, so that more animals and people can move pain-free.
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  • Black and white photo from the sixties. Two Veterinarians carrying a dog outside on a strecher.

    Veterinary medicine in the 1960's

    Famous Dutch photographer Cas Oorthuys explored the subject of veterinary medicine during the early nineteen sixties. This resulted in a beautiful visual record of the veterinary profession of the day.
    Photo essay Cas Oorthuys
  • stranding research, three veterinary medicine employees put a porpoise on the dissection table

    Why do whales and dolphins become stranded?

    Every year hundreds of dead porpoises are washed ashore on the Dutch coastline. As to what could be causing these deaths; that is what we are investigating at the Department of Pathology at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
    Strandings Investigation