Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine

Support veterinarians
Clinical research in practice setting searches for differences in clinical as well economic effects between care options. At the EBVM centre we combine expertise on epidemiology, methodology, statistical analysis and veterinary economics to fully support veterinarians in carrying out clinical research.

Impression of what we do

  • We studied the occurrence as well as a novel treatment of udder cleft dermatitis, a skin inflammation in dairy cattle.
  • We are testing the need of preventive use of antimicrobials for abdominal surgery in cattle.
  • We examined the effect of a neutraceutical on the movement pattern of elderly horses.
  • We plan to conduct animal experiments to study the potential preventive efficacy of an Ayurvedian herbal feed additive against coccidiosis in broilers.
  • We will study the effect of hormone therapy in treatment of cryptorchic young dogs (retained testicle).
  • We carried out observational studies on the burden of disease in the Dutch pedigreed dogs and cats, based on primary care practice information (see ‘Expertise Centre Genetics of Companion Animals')

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