In Utrecht, Life Sciences education is organised in the Graduate School of Life Sciences, Europe's largest graduate school in Life Sciences. Located at Utrecht Science Park, the world-class research institutes Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht are home to scientists who are considered leaders in their field and publishing in top international journals. Together they organise and supervise the educational programmes for our students, preparing them for a career in science and/or bio business. The Master’s students spend a large part of the two- or three-year’s Master’s programmes participating in, and contributing to, on-going research projects, under supervision of a full professor.

Master Programmes

The IRAS contributes to the following Master programmes

Utrecht Summer School

The Utrecht Summer School Life Sciences programmes offer many courses covering numerous subjects including medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacology, global health and epidemiology. For instance, you can get an insight in the principles and important issues of environmental and occupational epidemiology

Online Courses

In March 2021 Utrecht University added a new member to the MOOC family: The Exposome - cracking the science about what makes us sick. In this course several researchers will introduce you to the exposome concept; the non-genetic drivers of health and disease, since our genes alone do not determine our fate.

Utrecht University also developed the course Clinical Epidemiology. This course teaches the principles and practice of clinical epidemiology, drawing on real problems faced by medical professionals and elaborating on existing examples of clinical research. Medical researchers will lean how to translate real clinical problems into tangible research questions for investigation, gaining insight into some of the most important considerations when designing an epidemiological study along the way.