Academic Veterinary Hospital

The faculty is home to the largest academic veterinary hospital in Europe, providing specialist veterinary care and playing a pioneering role in innovations pertaining to animal care and welfare.  

The veterinary hospital is composed of the University Clinic for Equine Health and the University Clinic for Companion Animal Health. These clinics are comparable to an academic hospital for humans, thanks to:

  • the presence of all recognised specialist fields
  • the wide range of diagnostic techniques
  • the breadth of the care provided

Combination with education and research

The academic veterinary hospital provides education to students in the clinical phase of their study programme. This helps them to learn how to come to the correct diagnosis, and they learn practical skills under the supervision of a veterinarian or specialist. Moreover, the data that we collect in the clinic are often utilised for scientific research, which is then applied in the clinic to develop new treatment methods and medical techniques.

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