Faculty board and staff departments

The Dean is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Faculty. He can rely on the support of a management team consisting of five members appointed by the Dean. This Faculty Board is supported by a Secretary, who is also the head of the Administration and Management Support Department.

Faculty board members

prof. W.J.A. Dhert, MD (Dean)
prof. dr. M.F.M. Langelaar, DVM (Vice-Dean, Educational Director)
prof. dr. ir. D.J.J. Heederik (Vice-Dean, Research Director)
drs. G.J. Tillemans, MSc (Faculty Director)
K.M.I. Hopman (studentassessor: 2019-2020)
drs. C.M. Jurgens (Secretary)

If you have any questions about administrative issues, please feel free to contact the Administrative and Management Support Department.

Staff departments

The staff departments support the Faculty's primary processes of education, research and patient care.

  • Management and Policy Support
  • Educational and Student Affairs
  • Finance and Control
  • IT, Housing and Safety
  • Human Resources and Organisaitonal development
  • Research Support Office
  • Marketing, Communications & Multimedia
  • Management and Operations