Clinical Research Centres

Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine
Every day, veterinarians provide clinical care based on current insights, but comparative evidence between alternative care options is regularly lacking. We provide support for clinical researchers, within or outside academia. Read more

UU Animal Cancer Centre Cancer is a frequent disease of aging animals and one of the main causes of death in companion animals. We treat them and develop new life-saving therapies. The centre is part of our academic hospital for animals, where we provide top clinical animal care. Read more

Dutch Wildlife Health Centre We aim to enhance knowledge and expertise in wildlife health in the Netherlands. The DWHC provides scientifically based information for political and practical decisions concerning public health, wild and domestic animal health, and nature conservation issues. Read more

Expertise Centre Genetics of Companion Animals We deal with frequent genetic diseases in pedigree dogs. In order to ensure the best advice for breeders to breed healthier dogs, we developed an objective system of measurement that charts the state of each breed's health. Read more