Tours of the faculty

Professionaly involved in animal handling or otherwise interested in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine?

Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only institution in the Netherlands where veterinarians are trained. The faculty is open to the public, and each week the clinical departments of Companion Animal Health and Equine Health host guided tours of the facility. Visitors can also tour our own organic farm ‘De Tolakker’. The tour also includes a presentation on the faculty’s departments and offices.

What is the target group?

Professionaly involved in animal handling or otherwise interested in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine? Our tours are suitable for any visitor of any age! Tours are available for groups up to 15 people. We can only host up to a maximum of three groups at a time.

Who leads the tours?

The presentations and tours are provided by Veterinary Medicine students. They are up to date as to current events in the clinics and are experienced tour guides. Upon completion of the tour, you will undoubtedly have acquired some unforgettable and educational experiences.

When are the tours given?

The guided tours are offered on workdays at 9:30 and 13:30. No tours are offered on Friday afternoons and during the weekend. The faculty tours are not available in the summer months July and August.


  • Reception and presentation by the tour guide.
  • The guide takes a group of up to 15 people on a tour through the anatomical collection in the study area, the Department of Clinical Health of Companion Animals, the Equine Health Department and the model farm ‘De Tolakker’. During the tour you will have plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion.
  • Conclusion
Only interested in the Equine Health Department? Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine also offers an extensive tour which only includes the Equine Health Department.

What does it cost?

A guided tour costs € 110.00 excl. VAT per group (maximum 15 people). You will be sent an invoice, which must be paid in advance. Cash payment is not possible.

Questions and reservations

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour, please contact the Multimedia, Communications & Marketing Department at e-mail: They can also be reached Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 by telephone at: 030-253 4722.