Competency profile veterinarian

The education in the Master’s programme is competency-led; this means that the curriculum prepares students for the later performance of the profession based on the competency profile for the veterinarian. The competency profile consists of the program outcomes.

The competency profile for the veterinary professional consists of the following domains:

Competency domains veterinarian

  1. Veterinary practice
  2. Communication
  3. Cooperation
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Health and welfare
  6. Academic practice
  7. Personal development

These domains correspond to the professional competency profile drawn up by the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association ("Koninklijke Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Diergeneeskunde" or KNMvD; website in Dutch only). Read more about the competency profile at:


The student receives feedback and regular evaluations based on these seven competency domains. Students build an electronic portfolio (ePASS), which provides a clear overview of the feedback and evaluations they have received regarding their competency development.

Personal development

The portfolio also provides space for a Personal Development Plan (PDP). In this plan, the student formulates SMART learning objectives and a plan of action based on feedback and the student’s own reflections. The student then meets with a tutor to discuss the PDP.

The portfolio evaluation committee evaluates the electronic portfolio twice during the Master’s programme to check the student’s integration of knowledge, insight and skills.