Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Vaccines and modulating immunity are typical activities that can add to One Health

We develop tolerance therapies by promoting anti-inflammatory regulatory T cells (Treg). For this we exploit heat shock protein (HSP) derived peptides with Treg inducing capacities which are presented to the immune system by loading them into tolerised dendritic cells (tolDCs). As an alternative anti-inflammatory approach, we utilise the tolerance promoting capacity of HSP by in vivo HSP up-regulation with HSP co-inducers in food. For this research we actively collaborate with the UMCU and various Dutch and global commercial partners. 

Cell-therapy for rheumatoid arthritis
Based on the underpinning research in models of experimental autoimmunity, we undertake first in man experiments using cell-therapy for rheumatoid arthritis exploiting autologous peptide loaded tolDC. We have created a patent portfolio with Trajectum Pharma BV, resulting as a spin-off company from these activities. Several of the research activities were funded by EU, Topsector Health, ZonMW, IOP-Genomics and the Dutch ‘Reumafonds’.


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