Focusing on the health, disease and welfare of animals

Animals are a cornerstone of society and important for human health. At the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, we perform fundamental and strategic research focused on the health, disease and welfare of animals and on related public and environmental health aspects. This knowledge should provide a solid basis for novel strategies that benefit veterinary practice, human health, and the economy.

Latest news about our research

24 November 2016
Last Thursday, the latest edition of the annual Veterinary Science Day was held in Antropia conference centre in Driebergen.
19 September 2016
On 16 September, Prof. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol visited the University Clinic for Companion Animal Health at Utrecht University.
21 March 2016
The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University is working together with scientists and parties from the dairy sector to develop a sensor for cows.
3 March 2016
Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has developed DNA tests to track genetic nerve disorders in the kooikerhondje and the Frisian stabij.
2 March 2016
Utrecht researchers clarify structure of key protein in coronaviruses