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This issue of Vetscience International is about creating impact. How can we contribute to important themes in the world? The great thing about impact is that it gives many people a sense of purpose. The realisation that with our education programme, research and animal healthcare, we get society moving. Read all about it in the stories!

Cover Vetscience International 2023 with two young student looking for pigeons on the street

Diversity broadens your view

We hope that this edition of Vetscience international engages you in what we are doing in Utrecht and creates new sparks for possible future teamwork. This magazine is full of interviews with great researchers and teachers who have made significant achievements. Behind all these people are teams because impactful performance usually comes from collaboration. When we work together from different disciplines and (cultural) contexts, we move forward faster and more meaningfully.

Cover of Vetscience international magazine, January 2022

200 years of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht

Since 2022 marks the celebration of our 200th anniversary, the third international edition of Vetscience magazine highlights 200 years of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. There is also an interview with new Dean Debbie Jaarsma, and you can read about our research into the exposome and microplastics, the ways in which we aim to reduce animal testing, our impactful alumni, public engagement efforts, and much more.

Cover Vetscience international 2021, young student is holding a new born lamb in the farm of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Combating diseases plaguing humans and animals

The second international edition of Vetscience highlights how at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, we help build a better, healthier world for animals and people. Read about our research into COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, cancer treatments for animals and humans, veterinary lifelong learning, our strategic plan for the coming years, and much more.

Groundbreaking research

In the January 2020 international issue of Vetscience, you can read about groundbreaking research into rejuvenating the disc, a Labrador retriever with a 3D printed jaw, the dangers of hormone disrupting substances, guidelines for breeding healthy short-nosed dogs and much more about our cutting edge research, education and patient care.

Vetscience magazine is your source for news from the Utrecht University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Vetscience is published three times a year in Dutch and once a year in English.