Pathology as a discipline explains disease

As the discipline that explains disease, pathology plays an important role in analysing and explaining disease processes and final disease outcome in domestic and wild animals. We perform analyses at the animal, organ, tissue and cell level, with further evaluation at the molecular level if needed.

Applied Comparative Research
Domestic animals often suffer from similar diseases as human beings. We study such diseases, using animals as models for human disease. Our research, conducted in close collaboration with the clinical departments of the veterinary faculty and other scientific partners, provides important information about disease development and supports the development of treatment modalities. Currently, we use animal models in research into, for instance, spinal column and liver disease.

See also Veterinary Pathology Diagnostic Centre

Harbor Porpoises and Other Whales
Assessment of the health status of whales stranded on the Dutch coast provides important information about the individual animals and the population. We need this information to ensure scientifically based measurements for the long term protection of these charismatic animals.

See also Strandingsresearch (in Dutch, will be soon in English as well)