Finance & Control

The Finance & Control department supports the Planning & Control of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

The financial administration of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is carried out by the University's Administrative Service Centre (ASC).

For questions concerning the invoices and/or reminders sent by us, please contact:
Tel: 6777 - Accounts Receivable - Incoming Flow of Funds (IG),

For questions regarding the status of your invoice, please contact:
Tel: 3889 - Accounts Payable - Outgoing cash flow (UG),  

Where can you find us?

Office Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Finance & Control
Martinus G. de Bruingebouw 
Yalelaan 7, De Uithof
3584 CL Utrecht

Postal address

Deptartment Finance & Control
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
P.O. 85.196
3508 AD Utrecht
The Netherlands


Drs. L.A. (Lourus) Riemens