Administrative agenda: three ambitions, six goals

How do we transition to sustainable, more animal-friendly and circular agriculture? How can you treat back pain in animals and people? What have we learnt from the Covid pandemic? And how do we play our part in helping to resolve the shortage of practising veterinarians? If the challenges we are currently facing and the challenges of the future are to be researched and resolved effectively, we must work together across a broad range of fields. As veterinary knowledge hub, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine contributes to this through its education, research and veterinary care. As part of the network and at the heart of society. We are working here towards three ambitions, which have been made more tangible in the form of six goals.

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Our three ambitions

To increase societal impact

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine invests in national/international partnerships to generate societal impact. We are open to and actively seek out connections with, among others, alumni, the veterinary and human (care) sector, businesses, politicians, policymakers, knowledge institutions, private (interest) organisations and the public as a whole.

To promote sustainability

We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We will do this in a wide range of areas. In our accommodation and business operations, when deciding on priority areas for research, in our degree programmes and when providing veterinary care.

To create an attractive work and learning environment for everyone

Our staff and students work on a daily basis to make our ambitions a reality. In groups, teams and networks, they contribute to research, help develop knowledge and expertise and promote animal health and welfare. This calls for a safe work and learning environment in which we look out for each other, and that requires development-focused leadership.

Our six goals

  • We strengthen our strategic partnerships in the field of research. Within both Life Sciences and within the veterinary field.
  • Our students will learn more beyond the walls of the faculty. Together with professional practice and other knowledge institutions, we are refining our study programmes.
  • We increase the added value of our veterinary hospital for education, research and the veterinary field through focus and innovation.
  • We put our green ambitions into practice and come up with concrete action plans to make the faculty sustainable, through a faculty Green Team comprising of students and staff.
  • We create financial security by investing in the long term in our people and ambitions.
  • We work in various ways on sustainable employability and job satisfaction among our people. Priority areas here are culture, recognition & rewards and diversity and inclusion.