Dean's Office

The Dean's Office is part of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Faculty Office. The department provides secretarial, administrative, policy and organisational support to the Dean and the Managing Director. In this role, it provides administrative and policy support for the Faculty Board and the Faculty Council, and acts as the secretary for the Faculty Election Committee, the Numan Foundation, and the Former Employees Association.

It's other duties include the preparation and support for appointment processes for lecturer and professor positions, monitoring the administrative procedure for PhD processes and doctoral candidate quality plans, monitoring the procedure and progress of the basic and senior teaching certification courses and preparing and applying for exemptions and permits for legislation relevant to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Martinus G. de Bruin building
room MGB0.003
Yalelaan 7, De Uithof
3584 CL Utrecht

Mailing address:

Dean's Office (BBO)
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Postbus 85.196
3508 AD Utrecht


Director and Board Secretary
Tobias Boerboom - Team Director
Benedikte Sam  - Secretary to the Board and the Faculty Council | Education Policy Officer

Faculty support
Kasper de Bruijn -  Privacy Officer
Caroline Eekhart -  Management Assistant Utrecht Life Sciences
Jantine van Herk - PhD Officer 
Pieter Bas de Lange  - Privacy Officer
Elisabeth Nagy - Management Assistant Faculty Office
Maartje van den Berg - Management Assistant to the Dean
Stefanie Thoolen - Management Assistant to the Faculty Director
Leonie de Vries - Management Assistant to the Team Director and the Faculty Council

Programmabureau DGK 25-BBO
Annemarie Revet - Coordinator Extramural Education
Willemijn van Os - International Cooperation Coordinator 

Educational innovation and quality
Julia Caussin - Education and Strategy Policy Adviser | Secretary of the faculty programme committee and the faculty's Board of Studies.
Lubberta de Jong - Education and Strategy Policy Adviser
Valerie de Pender - Project Coordinator
Rachida Ryane - Policy Adviser
Stephanie Maijs - Education Policy Adviser
Agnes Diemers - Education Policy Adviser