Soft Tissue Engineering & Medicine

Lacking efficacy and/or toxic side effects of drugs lead to many new patients (both human and veterinary) every year. Soft Tissue Engineering & Medicine aims to understand hepatic, intestinal, and pancreatic stem cell differentiation in order to bioengineer functional organ systems. These functional tissues are crucial for predictive organ toxicology screens, transplantation purposes, and disease modelling. 

We combine innovation and teamwork to bioengineer highly physiological tissues

New ways to treat patients

Soft Tissue Engineering & Medicine is active in the interplay between stem cell biology, tissue engineering, biomaterials, and in vitro-in vivo extrapolation (IVIVE) science. Soft Tissue Engineering & Medicine will lead to more insight into tissue morphogenesis, novel biomaterials, safer and more effective drugs, as well as new ways to treat veterinary and human patients with state-of-the-art bioengineered tissues.