Expertise Centres

Reproductive organs on-a-chip

Reproductive organs-on-a-chip

Studying the physiological processes around fertilisation and early embryo development at a cellular level is quite challenging in large animal models. Read more

Advanced sperm quality analysis

Advanced sperm quality analysis

Successful animal breeding relies on the formation of functionally intact eggs and sperm cells. If a male is apparently not able to sire offspring, a clinical examination and a standard semen evaluation form the basis to investigate the case. Read more

Lipidomics Centre

We facilitate gene editing projects by sharing reagents, protocols and advice with researchers at Utrecht University and affiliated institutes.
Read more

Centre for Cell Imaging

The Centre for Cell Imaging (CCI) is a multi-user facility offering advanced microscopic techniques to scientists. Read more

Zaadjes worden geplant in aarde

Future Food Utrecht

Future Food offers a platform for scientists and external stakeholders on which they contribute to the transition of the food chain for a sustainable world, by means of unique transdisciplinary research and education. Read more