The Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS) is an interfaculty research institute (collaboration of the faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Medicine and Science) at Utrecht University. The institute is also supported by the RIVM in Bilthoven and the TNO Quality of Life in Zeist.

The IRAS’ mission is to provide education and conduct research in the field of health risks posed to humans by exposure to pathogens and possible hazardous substances in the environment, at work or in the food chain. The institute also studies the effects on ecosystems.


Prof. dr. Ronette Gehring = IRAS Chair

The IRAS MT+ consists of:

Prof. dr. ir. Roel Vermeulen (Head One Health Chemical)
Prof dr. ir. Lidwien Smit (Head One Health Microbial)
Prof. dr. ir. Juliette Legler (Head Toxicology)
Prof. dr. Ronette Gehring (Head Pharmacology )
Dr. Len Lipman (Education)


One Health Chemical and One Health Microbial: + 31 (0)30 253 5367
Toxicology and Pharmacology: + 31 (0)30 253 5400
Financial Administration Nieuw Gildestein: